beaco2n climate monitoring project

Each Urban Air “greenboard” will be a local ground-zero node in a networked array of sensors providing real-time measurements of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. This is made possible by the collaboration of the renowned University of California Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center BEACO2N atmospheric observation project.  BEACO2N has produced a single-sensor node for CO2, NO2, O3, CO and other atmospheric gases, and will provide these proprietary sensors for Urban Air. Data from the sensors is collected once every five seconds and transmitted to a centralized server for broadcast. BEACO2N combines and calculates all data to produce an accurate, highly resolved picture of real-time pollutant concentrations, which is streamable to a custom mobile app or web-based dashboard.


The BEACO2N collaboration helps Urban Air to realize a key project goal — marrying an inspired artistic vision to solid, important science.  The relationship with Urban Air allows the BEACO2N project to expand its scope nationally — potentially internationally — and will enrich and elevate the profile of this critical scientific project.