summit media | rmg inc. | mcdaniel inc.


Summit Media is the largest privately owned billboard company in Southern California. CEO Alex Kouba was a primary advisor in the initial production design of Urban Air — donating billboards, plans, industry expertise, permits and industry sources.  Alex is an LA entrepreneur and cultural activist. After attending college at UCLA Alex became involved in several business ventures, including the founding of what has become one of the largest billboard advertising companies on the West Coast. Alex is committed to giving back to the community, and is a proud supporter of Urban Air.


RMG, Inc. is a national billboard fabrication company. They design, engineer, stamp and ship structural components.  McDaniel, Inc. is a billboard installation specialist and fabricator. McDaniel is an industry leader in installation of specialty billboards, including animatronics, water systems, and energy efficient retrofits and installs using solar cells and LEDs.


The billboard industry is a specific, well-networked community. Each of these companies has national and international credibility and offers Urban Air technical authority and legitimacy in the outdoor advertising space.


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