AXON PRINT REZ_1KUrban Air is an artwork that transforms existing urban billboards into living, suspended bamboo gardens. Urban Air reimagines one of the prime symbols of urban commercial messaging as a powerful public/private partnership in service of climate science and the green economy, designed to provoke dialog around urban blight/green space and climate change.

Urban Air sites are embedded with proprietary sensor technologies measuring CO2 levels and other key atmospheric gases in and around the billboard’s cloud forest.

Each “greenboard” is a local node in a networked array of sensors provided through partnership with the U.C. Berkeley BEACO2N atmospheric observation project.

As this data is aggregated, mapped and streamed live to web and mobile applications — producing an accurate, highly resolved real-time picture of pollutant concentrations — the constellation of Urban Air installations becomes a living network monitoring our air quality . . . and a strikingly beautiful, highly visible symbol of our progress toward a green future.

The vision for Urban Air is global. Urban Air — urban-scaled, purposeful siteworks as networked atmospheric monitors — fuses good art and good science to the global commercial infrastructure.

Target sites for the U.S. launch are the Clinton c40 Climate Initiative cities, and it’s envisioned that Urban Air will be an iconic carbon- and energy-neutral symbol in cities around the world.